Pregnancy Specialists


"Indre has done an amazing massage, such a calming, relaxing experience! Very professional approach and QUALITY time!"

Alna Katinaite

"Very friendly and professional service, one of the most relaxing massages I have ever had. I would definitely recommend it to all pregnant ladies."

Agata Kitlinska

"Indre was very professional and the massage was great! She took her time and made sure the environment was very relaxing (lights, music, comfy cushions). She has a range of great massage oils to choose from. The massage bed is incredibly comfortable with good quality clean sheets and blankets. And all of this is was set up in my own living room! The massage was very relaxing, with good pressure and Indre focused on the areas where more attention was needed! Overall this was a very relaxing experience, exactly what is needed in the middle of a busy week when pregnant (and without having to leave the house)! Would highly recommend."

Shazia A

"I like this massage! Massage is relaxing, Indre is friendly, she knows what they're doing for a pregnant woman. I'm happy, thank you 🙂 "

Rasa Alšauskienė

"Great massage with Indre! She has a very welcoming, relaxing demeanour. And the massage itself was lovely - consistent pressure throughout. Couldn't recommend Mumanu more highly for women looking for specialists in pregnancy message!!"

Christine Chang

"I loved this massage! So relaxing and so nice to know I was in safe hands with someone who knows what they're doing for a pregnant woman. I look forward to having a few more leading up to the birth 🙂 "

Camila Lunardon

"Lovely massage, was just what I needed and would recommend at any stage of pregnancy."

Helen Bamborough

"I had several massage with Holly during my pregnancy and every massage was amazing, so relaxing that I fell asleep many times! Holly is great, very calming and she knows her stuff! Would definitely recommend!!!"

Louise Fletcher

Here at Mumanu Ltd UK we specialise in making your pregnancy as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. From, specialist pregnancy massage, postnatal massage, pregnancy pillows and unique BirthWorks antenatal classes we’ll help you to relieve aches and pains and get confident and relaxed about your journey through parenthood. We also have our own range of gorgeous pregnancy safe organic Fairtrade aromatherapy massage and body balms. mumanu-organic-fairtrade-massage-oil-balm-small

Whether this is your first pregnancy, you’re in early pregnancy or you’re considered high risk (maybe twin pregnancy or have health complications), we welcome you through every stage. Our therapists are very highly trained and experienced, offering you a personalised service that will support you through your whole pregnancy. We specialise in pregnancy pain relief such as pregnancy back pain, hip pain and many other pregnancy symptoms.

Mumanu pregnancy and postnatal massages make the perfect pregnancy gift and new mum gift, especially for a baby shower, birthday present or other special day. A woman’s experience during her first pregnancy can be exceptionally daunting with so much fear and social pressure put upon her. We give each client a listening ear, tailor each pregnancy massage to her needs and give the highest quality information and advice when needed.

Check out our unique range of pregnancy products
See how easy it is to get the most comfortable night’s sleep with the self-inflating Original Mumanu™ pregnancy pillow and Memory Foam Pregnancy Belly Wedge. Whether you’re pregnant or just needing to get comfortable; there’s more than one way to use the Mumanu™. Get fast and easy delivery to New Zealand, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe & USA. pregnancy-pillow-amazon

Looking for a good night’s sleep?
The Mumanu™ [m’um-anooo] self-inflating pregnancy pillow can help. It relieves lower back and hip pain by supporting your body so you’re not twisting and turning in the night (and it doesn’t matter if you sleep on your front, back or side!) NB we only recommend side-sleeping from 22 weeks during pregnancy. It’s perfect during and after pregnancy, or if you suffer from arthritis, sciatica or are waiting for, or recovering from, a hip replacement. Much more comfortable than a pillow between the knees; the Mumanu™ keeps your hip, knee and foot at the same height to correctly align you, giving you the most comfortable night’s sleep.

Tried and true
The Mumanu™ pregnancy pillow is designed by Samantha Thurlby-Brooks, a specialist in pregnancy massage. It’s been tested on more than 1,500 women with 96% saying they found it more comfortable than what they had been using before. The Mumanu™ is the only pillow officially endorsed by BirthWorks International. Find out more >>

Really comfy and easy to use
Have you tried putting a pillow between your knees but had no luck getting a decent night’s sleep? It’s probably because having it between your knees is pulling on your lower back, twisting your knee and hip joint and putting too much pressure on the bottom leg (ouch!). The Mumanu pillow is placed in front of your bottom leg, then you rest your other leg on top of the pillow to alleviate back and hip pain. Read more >>