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Our Story

Mumanu (Mum-Anooo = two words; ‘Mum’, obviously mother and ‘Anu’ who is a Celtic fertility goddess)

As our name suggests, Mumanu is all about honouring the everyday mother-goddess. Pregnancy, birth and motherhood really are amazing and inspiring and we’d like to help you keep it that way. From almost two decades of dedicated work with pregnant women, founder and creator, Samantha Thurlby-Brooks, discovered that not all women feel that wonder. Suffering from pains, sickness, exhaustion, fear and anxiety, traumatic births, sleep deprivation, breastfeeding problems and coping with such a huge transition, women of today don’t always get the fairy tale story they imagined motherhood to be.

All of our services and products are designed to make your journey through pregnancy, birth and new motherhood more comfortable, enjoyable and empowering. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, a genuine care and interest in your experience and a willingness to find out the answers if we have no idea! We offer you luxury services and products at affordable prices.

Our Philosophy

Generally it’s not pregnancy that causes aches and pains it’s stress, posture, activity and diet that will impact your experience the most. Here at Mumanu we support you physically with our award winning pregnancy pillows and specialist pregnancy massages (and postnatal) and emotionally through our alternative antenatal classes, massage sessions and articles.

Each woman brings a unique story to her pregnancy, birth and motherhood. More times than not you’ll discover through pregnancy and motherhood that there are a multitude of mixed messages of things you should and shouldn’t do. At Mumanu we encourage you to find your own right path, trust your instincts and where needed provide you with quality evidence based information and options that we’ve taken the trouble to research on your behalf.

Mumanu Team

Samantha Thurlby-Brooks

Creator and Managing Director of Mumanu Ltd

Providing a specialist pregnancy massage service in Somerset.

Full of smiles, optimism and a vast array of knowledge, Mumanu’s founder, inventor, managing director, masseuse and tea lady, Samantha will help you feel at ease during your massage sessions or go out of her way to help you with product support. You’ll be hard pushed to find someone offering so much at such a high standard (sounds like we’re tooting our own trumpet but it’s true… check out the testimonials).

Returning to the UK in September 2014 after seven and a half years in New Zealand, Samantha developed a busy practice in the South West London/Surrey area before moving to Somerset in 2020.

Samantha’s massage training started back in 2002, straight after finishing her Philosophy Degree in Reading. Three years later she became an advanced specialised in pregnancy, labour & postnatal massage. Having massaged nearly 4,000 pregnant women since 2005, Samantha is one of the UK’s leading specialists in pregnancy massage and postnatal massage, as well as the only BirthWorks childbirth educator in Europe. As the Managing Director of Mumanu, Samantha now spends half of her time massaging and the other half managing the Mumanu Team and product sales and development.

When not reading up on the latest research, massaging and doing general business stuff, Samantha enjoys Swing Dancing and catching up with her friends (having close friends in each corner of the world can be tricky!). There’s not enough time in the week to fit much more in!
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 Samantha’s Qualifications & Experience:

  • Holistic & Therapeutic Massage Diploma at the Oxford School of Massage 2002
  • Advanced specialist training in Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy in 2005 with the award winning teacher and author Carole Osbourne
  • Massaged over 4,000 pregnant clients since 2005
  • Trained doula (birth partner) with world-renowned obstetrician and author Dr Michel Odent in 2006
  • Thai Foot Massage Certification with internationally renowned teacher and author, Kira Balaskas 2018
  • Spokesperson including articles and TV appearances.
  • Articles published in the award winning OHbaby! Magazine as well as other magazines
  • Set up Doula NZ in 2012; an organisation that supports and represents doulas across New Zealand
  • Owner of a Bella Mama pregnancy massage franchise in New Zealand with staff 2008-2010
  • Designed the Original Mumanu Pillow in 2008 and released to the public in 2011 (after testing it on 1,500 pregnant women)
  • Qualified Hypnobirthing Instructor 2008
  • Studied the Yoga Academy’s Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Programme
  • Co-author of the Svastha NZ Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course Theory
  • Certified BirthWorks International Childbirth Educator (the first person to do so outside the USA) 2008-2013 (took ages because of all the other work I do; should’ve only been two years!)
  • BirthWorks Ambassador of the Year Award 2012
  • Philosophy BAHons from Reading University 2001
  • Certificates in Reiki 2001-2005 (Master Teacher)
  • Diploma in Crystal Healing through Vantol College of Crystal Healing 2004
  • Certificate in Indian Head Massage 2002
  • Full-time self-employed therapist since 2002
  • Professional Member of, BirthWorks International, Embody & Complementary Therapists Association professional membership logos