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Homebirth – I did it!

Hi Sam,
I hope you have settled back down in the uk and things are moving along positively for you. I was happy to see a new clinic post on Facebook a wee while back!Dana-Homebirth-Story

Finally I am sitting here to share with you the promised birth story of my amazing homebirth!

On Friday at 2:13am, we welcomed Jet John (JJ) Gordon to our whanau in the comfort of our home. At 41weeks + 4 I was over the moon to finally have this boy in my arms without needing any type of induction or intervention.

It was all go after my midwife checked me over and I had hit that golden 5cm dilation.

My mum and sister set up the lounge while I bounced away on my Swiss ball, in my zone welcoming each contraction in the nursery. My dad (aka the water boy) filled up the pool and I was encouraged to get in (I was otherwise happy in my Swiss ball zone). The relaxing relief was immediate, with the water taking off so much weight and easing off the contraction edge. I quickly figured out a great rhythm of a kneeling position over the side of the pool while contracting, then sitting down and relaxing during that blessed rest period.

As the contractions grew stronger, I welcomed each one like a long lost friend and took deep breaths, releasing with a primordial grunt as I constantly visualised flowers blooming open and kept my jaw relaxed and hands open/palms flat.
My support crew pretty much left me to it, just being quiet during the contractions and telling me how amazing, strong and fantastic I was doing the whole time.

During the rests we chatted, laughed and told stories. My husband even took an opportunity to nap on the floor by the pool (I didn’t notice) because I was just handling it on my own.

I went in to labour with the mantra that my body is amazing and is going to help me deliver a healthy baby, I repeated this in my head over and over, thanking my body after each contraction and as I started having stronger and stronger contractions, I was also just thinking ok that’s another contraction closer to baby, and another contraction I don’t have to have again.

I was amazed at how easy all this was, there wasn’t anything I needed to do except trust my body and deal with / accept the pain, my body was doing the rest and I just needed to save all my energy during the breaks – simple.

When it came time for pushing we were all ready. I accepted tips from my midwife on how to direct the energy from my breath and make the most of the contractions. This was where I needed to do some work and it was great to finally feel like I could do something and help the labour along with my energy rather than just letting it happen to me.

We tried a few different positions in the pool but baby’s head just wasn’t making it around that bend in the water, we needed the assistance of gravity.

So I got out and as suggested by the midwife, hubby and I went into the bathroom and I sat on the toilet for 10mins while Marc supported me through a few contractions and pushes, this was working! The midwife set up some space on the floor in the lounge and the next position she suggested was lying on my back while her and the support midwife (who showed up after I started to want to push) supported a leg each. I clutched to the back of my knees and started working with the contractions straight away.

Originally my husband didn’t want to see baby come out or anything, he is quite squeamish and it is something we spoke about during the whole pregnancy and I was fine with that, but somehow everyone ended up seeing the business end and with one big push he was surprised to see this head emerging, the look of absolute amazement in his face was so encouraging to me, he was in awe, and was saying “oh my gosh, there’s a baby! Wow!” With the biggest smile on his face, this was all the encouragement I needed to push past that stinging feeling and get the baby here.

Jet came into the world screaming his lungs out straight away, he was pink and just absolutely beautiful! He is the cutest newborn I have ever seen, I might be biased tho. He wasn’t wrinkly or scrunched up at all like expected. I have included a few photos for you, my sister took one of us just after we started cuddling and she can’t believe how relaxed and refreshed I look “just casually had a baby!” She reckons is the caption.

My mum can’t believe how fantastic the whole homebirth process was, she is a bit envious about how easy this newborn phase has now been for me as JJ is so relaxed, content and cuddly! He is happily passed around for cuddles and is letting me have plenty of rest too.

This has been so easy so far, I am so relaxed and motherhood is coming very naturally and I have to attribute that to having a successful homebirth, my baby has only been shown love and respect by all those who encounter him, he’s not been treated like an object or a task n he is thriving for it.

So thank you for your wahine toa encouragement to go with my gut on homebirth. I can quite happily say I will do that again with no hesitation. Your simple “why wouldn’t you” and “just go for it” approach when we had the conversation about it really was the decision making turning point for me which put it all into a simple just do it place in my mind.

Thanks for all the amazing massages too! Missed them my last months of pregnancy and I couldn’t bring myself to go anywhere else as I would just sit there and compare, haha.

Take care,

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