Dunstan Baby Language

Do you ever wish babies come with a manual? Well, although they don’t come out with a 100 page book, they do actually tell you what it is they need. You just need to understand what they’re saying.

Priscilla Dunstan has a photographic memory for sound. She discovered that her baby was using the same sounds for particular needs, but not only that, she discovered that ALL babies make these same sounds. It’s because certain reflex actions create specific noises.

Although knowing what these sounds mean won’t stop your baby from crying, it does mean that when you first hear them in their early form (not the out of control screaming noise) you can respond. For most things, if you respond early enough there’s no need for your baby to cry. Knowing what sounds a baby will make specifically for pain or discomfort can help you to cope with their experience. Sometimes we cannot relieve that pain, but knowing what it is will mean you’re not trying to wrack your brain in finding a million other causes for their tears. Maybe holding them and soothing them is all they need.

Watch the video below of Prescilla talking with Oprah about her discovery and see how it’s helped so many other mums and babies.

You can also download the Dunstan Baby Language app for easy referencing

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