Gift Ideas For Pregnant Partner Wife

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Here at Mumanu we make your life easier. How? We make your partner happy… we specialise in relieving her discomforts and making her super relaxed during pregnancy and motherhood… we listen to and encourage her along her journey, because it’s a pretty tough one even for the best of us. When your partner’s happy, your life is so much easier. We have the best gift ideas for pregnant partner wife.

Why all mums deserve regular massages:

So how do we help? If your partner is suffering from back and hip pains you can treat her to the Original Mumanu Pillow and/or if you live around London and Surrey you can book her in for one of our fantastic massages.

You might also be interested in our Membership Scheme because we know she’ll be wanting more than one and that way you’ll be getting so much more value for your money. We’ll send you a beautifully presented membership card to give to her. There’s no need to pay a lump sum; we use a Direct Debit system to take massage money once a month. We also sell beautiful gift vouchers for birthdays, baby showers, mother’s day… Christmas… Valentines day… or whenever you feel like!

Mothers need massages too. When women have babies their whole focus goes on the care and attention of this little person. Her own needs are at the bottom of the list (your needs, incidentally, are normally pretty high on her list). Women often feel guilty for spending time and money on themselves, especially if she’s not working and will be spending the money you work so hard to earn. That’s why you need to do the honours and encourage her to come for massages… book her in and look after the little one(s) while she has some much needed time out. One massage a month is less than £15 a week. Not much to pay for supporting the relaxed and wonderful woman you fell in love with.

Our Massage Services:


Mumanu Products:

mumanu-organic-fairtrade-massage-oil-balm-smallWe also have a range of gorgeous, very helpful products to make pregnant life more comfortable. Our Memory Foam Pregnancy Belly Pillow will make sleeping much more comfortable for your pregnant partner wife. If you’re kind enough to give your pregnant partner wife foot massages and back rubs to ease her pains, you’ll both love our range of Organic Fairtrade Massage and Body Balms. Find out more >>

We sent a questionnaire to our massage clients… here’s what they said about us



Q: What, if anything, would prevent you from coming back to us after baby’s born?

only cost. but the fact that you are open evenings is great.

Probably money, obviously we’re already down to one income and financially we have to be very careful on what we spend our money on. Prior to the antenatal classes darling Kane probably would of thought it was a waste of money but now he is so much more understanding and supportive of me really looking after my body. Luckily for me I have a voucher from Valentine’s day that I plan to use soon or after baby’s born.

Just finding the time and a babysitter. Have a pre-schooler so need to fit in with kindy days.
 (Isn’t that what Dads are for?!)bookamassage

I had my massage after my baby was born due to unexpected complications meaning I couldn’t have my pregnancy massage while still pregnant. I haven’t been back since simply because I’m busy looking after my baby, plus he’s now six months and I’m not sure if I can still come as a ‘new mum’.
(We’d love to have you back for massages for years and years)

I now work about 50 hours a week and hubby does casual work some evenings. With an 8 month old baby a massage even at the weekend seems like a huge time luxury with hubby not getting a break from looking after all day and working some evenings. Cost is a factor too as hubby has given up a good f/t job to stay home.
Maybe an express massage pack (ie 30 min long) would be cheaper and easier to fit in.
(Unfortunately 30 minute appointments aren’t possible… but we’re more than happy to massage Dad and yourself. Sounds like you both need it. We’re open weekends and evenings)

Location is a bit far from me esp with traffic but worth the effort. However, this may be an issue when I have less time when baby comes. (We’re open weekends so you’re welcome to bring your partner to look after baby while you relax)

Childcare. Time becomes very precious in between feeds and then in between awake times. Personal time is premium and there’s a lot more to do with extra Lil people. (Isn’t that what Dads are for?!)

I am pretty sure that wild horses couldn’t keep me away.

Short of time got three kids now
 (Isn’t that what Dads are for?!)

Difficult location with difficult parking [when located in Mt Roskill]
unable to get a sitter for Bubba
 (Isn’t that what Dads are for?!)

Worrying about the baby. I mean, can I bring him? I try to have him in a routine, but it’s a bit different every day. I don’t know if I’ll be able to have an entire massage if he needs feeding, or if he cries, or wakes. Will that be a problem? (More than welcome to bring him along but much better to leave him with Dad so you can relax)

finding somewhere for baby to go while I have a massage.

"Sam's made a quiet “haven” for pregnant women to come and recharge. From the way Sam is so open with her amazing range of knowledge and insight, all the way to the table (and “that” pillow)  that you WILL fall asleep on. Its a place where you feel truly cared about, as a person, not just an incubator. From day one she's never belittled or dismissed any concerns or worries that I've had, no matter how small or foolish they obviously were!"


"I felt super comfortable throughout the whole massage and the right time spent on each sore area. I really liked the briefing at the start about not talking – that is exactly what I like during massages but often feel obliged to talk so I loved that this was outlined at the start."


"Once again I am leaving feeling so much more relaxed and comfortable than when I arrived! Sam’s massages are sensational- perfect pressure, lovely setting and always some helpful advice. I can’t recommend them enough- I just wish I’d discovered them earlier. Thanks again.” 

Katie, 37 weeks