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Because she’s worth it too! Is your mum the best in the world? Has she been helping you out with your little one(s)? Been cooking and cleaning for you while you recover from birth and helping you to figure out this motherhood thing? We think she deserves a massage too!

Our clients have been asking for a while if we would massage their mother and or mother-in-law. Yes we do. All mums deserve massages… no matter how old their sons and daughters are. Massage, as well as being a blissful treat, also helps with tiredness, aches and pains, insomnia, anxieties, depression, headaches, digestion and joint stiffness (to name just a few benefits). It’s also just a great way to say Thank You!

Some people don’t like massage because they don’t like the pressure on their face from the face hole. Because we’re super skilled at side-lying massages (which we do for the Bloomin’ Lovely Pregnancy Massage and the Magic New Muma Massage) we can offer your mum either a face down or side-lying massage. We’ll get her super comfortable so that she enjoys the experience to the fullest. We also massage to the pressure she asks for and we don’t talk through massages (unless she wants to) so your mum will have the most relaxing experience possible. Our side-lying massages are really good at helping with lower back and hip pains and can be effective with light, medium or firm pressure.

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Your massage experience with Mumanu is truly unique… here’s what to expect

We won’t interrupt your silencebook_a_pregnancy_massage


We don’t talk through your massage (you’re welcome to but we won’t interrupt your silence). You deserve complete relaxation and so we won’t tell you the latest gossip, chew your ear off about our woes or ask you questions about your holiday. We will do a comprehensive consultation to start with and get all the chatting out the way first and then get on with your massage.

You choose the pressure you want



It’s such a different experience with Mumanu for your massage. We ask you before your massage what pressure you like. We’re skilled, experienced and highly trained to give you firm, medium or light pressure… even crazy firm pressure (so long as you’re not experiencing pain as that’s the wrong hormone response… but pleasure/pain is ok). We trust that you’re grown up enough to tell us if you want the pressure changed so we won’t keep asking you.

We won’t rush you


So, another unusual thing about us is that we promise not to rush you (unless you’re late). We give each client 70-85 minutes of our time (plus time for setting up and packing away on home visits), fill out the consultation form or find out what’s been happening since we last saw you. We’ll give you some helpful health tips and information to help you along your way if you need it. Then we’ll leave you to get changed and onto the table.


All our massages are for approximately 60 minutes with extra time for consultation and getting on and off the table. For the home visit service allow for set-up and tidy-up time; we’ll be with you for approximately 2 hours.


Time has been specifically reserved with your therapist for your Grand Muma massage treatment. Please give us at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will incur a fee of 50% of the treatment charge. Cancellations with less than four hours notice will incur a charge of 100% of the treatment charge. This is consideration of your therapists time and other clients who may be waiting for an appointment. Thank you.