Fancy specialising in a truly wonderful form of massage, making a huge difference in someone’s life and feeling rewarded every day for the work you do? We’re looking for awesome people to work with us around the UK, massaging the loveliest clients you can imagine. Becoming a Mumanu advanced specialist in pregnancy, labour & postnatal massage will give you the confidence and support you need to work with women during this special and stressful time.

Benefits of working with us include:

  • Receive the most in-depth training in the UK
  • Do the work you enjoy (massaging) and leave the rest to us
  • Earn more money by selling our specialist range of products
  • Pick your own days and hours
  • Represent the most respected maternity massage brand in the country
  • Have Mumanu deal with your gift vouchers and general enquiries
  • Use the Mumanu website, branded material and client booking system
  • Get support from Mumanu founder, Samantha Thurlby-Brooks, and a team of peers
  • Further training and related qualifications will become available over time

Mumanu Training involves the careful examination of practical, theoretical and psychological skills and knowledge of working with and massaging pregnant, labouring and postnatal women. Emphasis is placed on safe and effective massage techniques, correct positioning and thorough consultation. You will be safe to massage from 0-43 weeks including high risk and complicated pregnancies and from day one of new motherhood. As well as in-house training, further techniques will be taught by a qualified osteopath. Students will only be accepted after an initial interview and on successful completion will be contracted as Mumanu Licensees, offering a confident, skilled massage service to Mumanu

Course Topics Include:

  1. Ethics of touch
  2. Mumanu philosophy
  3. Anatomy, physiology and pathology of pregnancy, childbirth & new motherhood
  4. Is massage safe during pregnancy?
  5. Benefits of pregnancy massage
  6. Contraindications of pregnancy, labour and postnatal massage
  7. Scientific research on the effects of pregnancy and postnatal massage
  8. Conducting a Mumanu massage consultation; from walking in to walking out
  9. Client positioning
  10. Common pregnancy, labour and postnatal complaints
  11. Side-lying massage techniques
  12. Considerations for each trimester
  13. Considerations for labour and postnatal massage
  14. Breastfeeding; theoretical and practical advice
  15. Specialist labour massage techniques
  16. Supporting a woman in labour
  17. Mumanu products
  18. Resources
  19. Business basics

It’s important to keep up with marketing to pregnant and postnatal women as the client base is constantly refreshing. We’ve worked really hard on creating a fantastic brand and website that attracts hundreds of clients from far and wide. They know they are getting a high quality service like no other. More than 55% of our clients come to us through Google (non-paid) listing. A further 20% come through client referrals. Being part of the Mumanu team will give you a piece of the pie without any technical effort on your part. We average a 50% repeat client rate.

Mumanu founder and tutor, Samantha Thurlby-Brooks, has been an advanced specialist in pregnancy, labour & postnatal massage since 2005. In that time she’s massaged nearly 4,000 pregnant women. She’s also the only person in Europe qualified to teach BirthWorks International Childbirth Classes. Returning to the UK in 2014, after spending many years in New Zealand, Samantha has built up an incredibly busy practice. In just two years she’s fully booked (10-13 clients a week) for weeks in advance, bringing in an average revenue of £2,200 a month… that’s a whole lot of money for massaging part-time/two to three people per day. Being busy with running the Mumanu office and products limits her available massage time. By training others up to work with us, Samantha can spend less time massaging and more time getting you

For more details about the Mumanu Licensee opportunity and how to apply click here >>