Pregnancy Massage Reviews Surrey London


Read the reference regarding Mumanu pregnancy massage specialist & Managing Director, Samantha, from Dr Jo James

speachmark-greySamantha’s massages are amazing! The best I’ve ever had. She made the last few weeks of my pregnancy so much more comfortable and relaxing. Being so generous with her time and knowledge was priceless.” Charlotte Riley, Actress and wife of actor Tom Hardy


speachmark-greyAmazing!!! I was a bit sceptical about the whole pregnancy massage as I’ve heard different stories from other places, but after visiting Mumanu, I felt amazing and so relaxed afterwards. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and have sore hips/back/shoulders. Sam was fantastic, gave me lots of advice to take home and I was well ready for a sleep once the massage was finished. I could have stayed there all day. I felt like a different person. Highly recommend.” Sharon 

speachmark-greyLovely massage, was just what I needed and would recommend at any stage of pregnancy.” Helen 

speachmark-greyI loved this massage! So relaxing and so nice to know I was in safe hands with someone who knows what they’re doing for a pregnant woman. I look forward to having a few more leading up to the birth 🙂 ” Camila

speachmark-greyVery friendly and professional service, one of the most relaxing massages I have ever had. I would definitely recommend it to all pregnant ladies.” Agata 

speachmark-greyWonderful, relaxing time. Thank you Sam!” Carly (29 weeks)

speachmark-greyHad the most amazing experience at Mumanu this morning. I received a voucher from a friend as a baby shower gift and didn’t hesitate in booking in. I had a full body massage and I cannot explain how relaxed and at ease I felt… I would absolutely recommend all mums to be to book in and certainly would love to relive my experience again and again.” Emma

speachmark-greyThank you so much Sam, the most relaxed I’ve been in two years of fertility treatment! I will be back soon!” Laura (21 weeks with twins)

speachmark-greyThanks for relieving my horrible achy back! It was awesome 🙂 ” Susanne (20 weeks)

speachmark-greyI had a back, shoulder and head massage this afternoon, made so welcome and left feel so relaxed and at ease. I would highly recommended a visit. Will be going again and away to book a massage for my husband for Christmas.” Ann

speachmark-greyThank you for my blissful, relaxing massage. So lovely to be able to come with baby Annabelle and to not have to worry about leaving her with someone else. Such a calm room and calming lady Sam!” Vikki (3 weeks postnatal)

We sent out a questionnaire to our clients in February 2014. Here’s what we got back:

Q: What did you like about our service to you?

speachmark-greyTook the time to get to know me first – holistic approach not just a massage. Nice to just sit and chat first! Fantastic massage and environment. Rachel

speachmark-greyRelaxing, and took the time to chat about pregnancy, birth and where aches and pains were. not in and out type massage you get from a beauty therapist. Anna

speachmark-greyI like the amount of time allowed for chatting and massage. I never feel rushed along even if Sam is running a bit late. It’s all about me 🙂 Tracey

speachmark-greySam has always made me feel relaxed and provided me with helpful information during my pregnancy. Since having my children I still love to go back to Sam for standard massage. Melissa

speachmark-greySam’s lovely personality, the presentation of the room, the lovely massage oil and being able to choose the fragrance. I definitely felt I was in safe hands and would have no problem using you for a massage while actually pregnant!

speachmark-greySam has the ability to relate to others. Sam is so passionate, that’s what really makes the difference. Dana

speachmark-greyThe fact that I was totally relaxed and super comfortable – I could have stayed on that bed forever – bliss! Nikki

speachmark-greyI loved that before we got into the massage there was genuine interest, care, and conversation about the type of pregnancy I had had so that my needs would be catered for. I had had a bit of a bad experience with my pregnancy and birth and I enjoyed the talk and the care as much as the amazing massage! It was very therapeutic. Rebecca

speachmark-greySam really listened, did not judge and gave me some praise about some things that I was feeling insecure about. Clare

speachmark-greyVery professional and extremely relaxing and comfortable. Julia

speachmark-greyFriendly, caring and gentle service Christine

speachmark-greyVery relaxing, and made me feel great at a point in my pregnancy w here I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. Also helped with discomfort I was having from sitting at a desk at work all day Emma

speachmark-greyPersonalised to my needs Mel

speachmark-greySoothing, relaxing, calm environment. Felt pretty damn comfortable using your service and wish I could afford to do it more! Dayna

speachmark-greyThat you did a good job, you didn’t consistently talk through the massage and that you blankets/towels etc didn’t smell – I know , weird, but I have had massages where the bedding etc stinks which really ruins the atmosphere.

speachmark-greyQuality of massage
Attention to detail Diana

speachmark-greyVery relaxing and friendly. Not at all rushed. Didn’t make me feel silly for crying haha! Chocolate afterwards! Lots of offers to pee. Bridget

speachmark-greyAwesome massage. Khim

speachmark-greyI have had two massages with you – both much needed! I have had a couple of others since (one was three times your price) and they just couldn’t compare. The massage was amazing, but the effort put in to creating a beautiful, clean and peaceful environment took it to another level. I was so impressed and grateful. Anna

speachmark-greyMassage was very helpful and relaxing. Customer service was very good and friendly. Sabina

speachmark-greyYou were professional yet very personal.  Knowledgeable and helpful. Approachable and friendly. Samina

speachmark-grey I liked many, many things! It was nice to be offered the toilet immediately :); I liked the choice of scents for massage (and that the massage oils w ere high quality and natural); I felt that Sam was very considerate and that she had time to listen to me, that she wasn’t immediately trying to peg my concerns or put me in a one-size-fits all box; and I appreciated that even when I already had 3 pillow s under me, Sam was fine with getting a fourth one into the mix so that I would feel comfortable. I also particularly appreciated that I got to choose silence instead of music, as silence was just what I was after that day. Also, this is the first massage I’ve had where I truly felt like the therapist was doing something that was REALLY working  with my hips. Gitana


speachmark-greyEasy to book, Sam was great and liked the suggestions to help sleeping with bump 🙂 Ange

speachmark-greyFabulous massage Anon

speachmark-greyIt wasn’t rushed, love how you take time to talk and give tips and tricks especially while I was pregnant. Chamalie

speachmark-greyThe time you took each appointment to ask me how the pregnancy was going, offer helpful tips and address any of my concerns. It was heartfelt and honest, and frankly, better than my obstetrician! And the chocolate at the end! Clare

speachmark-greySam, your wonderful personality and your massage technique are something I just can’t get anywhere else. You’re the best massage therapist I have ever had in all my years and all over the world! Charisse

speachmark-greyTruly amazing. Sam is so welcoming and passionate and caring and comforting and understanding and well you get my drift! Sarah

speachmark-greyPeaceful ,Calm and felt incredible. Sam created a little sanctuary in which I could enjoy being pregnant without any distraction. It was so good I went back during my second pregnancy. Sam you have magic hands! Sally

speachmark-greyA sense of being understood as a woman Dawa

speachmark-greyEverything! Holly

speachmark-greyTotal feeling of calm and peace Jen

speachmark-greyFixed my neck and relieved my tension/stress Theresa

speachmark-greyHomely (when you were at home) not pretentious at all like some ‘specialised’ therapists. Great informative time with you Sam – thanks. Thea

speachmark-greyIt was really good -love the service I got from Sam -Have recommended her to a few of my friends -Been there more than 5 times during and after pregnancy Seema

speachmark-greyVery relaxed and tailored to your needs.  Simone

speachmark-greySAM IS AN ANGEL SENT FROM ABOVE. Her massage was so relaxing and eased much of my pain. I visited Sam when I was at term and immediately thought “why oh why have I not been doing this from day one”. She relieved much of my sickness (I suffered from extreme morning sickness for 9 months) and relieved my aching back and hips. She must have been doing something right as my beautiful daughter moved down into the birth canal after the massage. I cannot recommend her services enough. A wonderful experience! Dana

speachmark-greyI felt super comfortable throughout the whole massage and the right time spent on each sore area. I really liked the briefing at the start about not talking – that is exactly what I like during massages but often feel obliged to talk so I loved that this w as outlined at the start. Aimee

speachmark-greyIt was super relaxing! Sarah

speachmark-greyHelped me to relax and had the best sleep the night of! Anne-Marie

speachmark-greyI love the presence Sam brings to the environment; calm, professional and experienced. The option of whether to talk or not was a huge one as I really prefer to zone out and I have never been verbally offered this in the past and felt rude not getting involved in the conversation. Booking online was super efficient and the reminders were so helpful. Sam thank you. My 100% support in growing your fantastic product! Carolyn

speachmark-greyThe thorough consultation at the start to understand how my pregnancy was going. I had been having sciatic pain and the blissful massage got rid of it completely! Sam was very personable and made me feel at ease from the start. Overall an amazing experience. Laura

speachmark-greyThe wonderful holistic knowledge about my pregnancy as well as the fabulous massage. Sam

Q: How can we improve our service to you?

speachmark-greyIt works as it is for me that’s why I keep coming back.

speachmark-greyI like the idea of packages it forces me to make time if I’ve already paid. I’m a sucker for a saving too!

speachmark-greyEverything is always amazing.

speachmark-greyThe service I have received is always at a high standard

speachmark-grey don’t think you can – divine!!

speachmark-greyThink moving into the city was a great move.

speachmark-greyI don’t think it could be any better

speachmark-greyKeep doing what you doing

speachmark-greyApart from giving me free massages for life and arranging a babysitter on tap so that I can some whenever I like, I really can’t think of anything I would change.

speachmark-greyEverything was superb nothing to improve.

speachmark-greyI was very impressed, I wouldn’t change anything.

speachmark-greyI felt it was excellent. As I mentioned to Sam, I had a little difficulty with booking through the website initially; I understand that this has been changed now anyway.

speachmark-greyYour service is fantastic.

speachmark-greyCan’t think of anything

speachmark-greyHow can you improve upon perfection?

speachmark-greyI have only been once so far and loved it! Cannot w ait for my next appointment 🙂

speachmark-greyLive at my house!

Q: What did you NOT like about us?

speachmark-greyIt is a long drive from my house – not your fault though!

speachmark-greyI’ve kept coming back after nearly 7 years! What does that tell you?

speachmark-greyTo be totally honest… Nothing.

speachmark-greyI liked everything about it!

speachmark-greyPrevious location was really hard to get to. Had my baby since you moved and have gone back to f/t work so time is a luxury now

speachmark-greyI arrived on time for my appointment but had to wait. Maybe allow a gap between? Also, I seem to recall needing to pee towards the end. Maybe having a robe or something available in case someone needs to use the loo part way through, and letting them know at beginning so they feel less awkward asking? My apologies about that. Because of the nature of the service we offer we sometimes run over a little… but we will always give you your full time. We now have a very snuggly big bathrobe hanging up in the new room for anyone needing the loo 🙂

speachmark-greyI can’t think of anything, I tried.

speachmark-greyThe previous location, it was difficult for me to get to, but Parnell is so much better!

speachmark-greyLoved it all

speachmark-greyWhat’s not to like?

speachmark-greyI didn’t want to leave!

speachmark-greyNothing I can think of

speachmark-greyI occasionally got mixed up with other clients would be my only criticism. I’m so so sooOOOOoo sorry about that one. It was exceedingly embarrassing at the time too! I had three ladies due around the same time who all looked really similar and I just kept confusing you all. It certainly doesn’t happen often.


speachmark-greyBest pregnancy massager EVER. My husband bought me a gift certificate when I was pregnant with my first son.  It was one of the best presents he’s ever got me: Sam is such an amazing massage therapist.  I kept going back for more and have splurged and got gift certificates for friends and family who are pregnant ever since.  Even though I normally wouldn’t spent that much on them, I wanted them to get the experience of feeling so relaxed and good! Not only does Sam do an amazing job massaging you, she’s also an excellent listener and genuinely cares for your whole wellbeing.” Rachel

speachmark-greyI was very anxious at the beginning of this pregnancy having experienced previous miscarriages. Regular massages with Sam have helped make me feel relaxed, calm and peaceful. Thank you” Libby, 38 weeks

speachmark-greyTailored to individual needs. Most comfortable table and cushions EVER. Time stops and you feel Sam’s complete personal attention. She checks what you want out of the massage (relaxation, energising, pain relief, all of the above…) and tailors every massage to the individual in front of her. Beautiful experience.” Dawa

speachmark-greySo good you just want to drift off to sleep on the table. I have had Sam give me massages for 3 pregnancies (and in between) and they are the best massages. All the discomforts of pregnancy are forgotten as you get the most blissful, relaxing massage – my headaches and sore neck would disappear as well as my lower back pain being relieved. She is calm, kind and makes you feel cared for. Can’t recommend her enough, even when not pregnant her massages are wonderful.” Vanessa

speachmark-greyWhat every pregnant lady needs! It is such a treat going to see Sam, she is an amazing masseuse and is so caring. Very intuitive hands and the whole experience leaves you feeling so happy and relaxed.” Jessie

speachmark-greyWonderful massage! A beautiful massage and incredible experience, I felt like I was floating afterwards (no mean feat for 28 weeks pregnant!) Sam’s fun, calm and experienced approach made me feel so at ease. I’m counting the sleeps until my next appointment!Jannah

speachmark-greyTotal bliss! I have seen Sam for both my pregnancies and she is amazing, hands down the best massage I have ever had pregnant or not.  She really cares about her clients and thinks of all the small things to make your experience really special.  I gurantee you will walk away feeling like a different person, only one warning – she is very addictive!” Maree

speachmark-greyIt’s an EXPERIENCE not an appointment. What started at 20wks, as a greedy little “treat” for myself, quickly became a necessity!! I’ve had massages regularly for years and it’s made me a bit of a “massage-snob”. In saying that, Sam’s massages are, without a doubt, the very best I’ve have ever had.    Sam’s made a quiet “haven” for pregnant women to come and recharge. From the way Sam is so open with her amazing range of knowledge and insight, all the way to the table (and “that” pillow) that you WILL fall asleep on. It’s a place where you feel truly cared about, as a person, not just an incubator. From day one she’s never belittled or dismissed any concerns or worries that I’ve had, no matter how small or foolish they obviously were!   Years ago I damaged my hips enough that only C-section was possible. Now the biggest reason I’m allowed to even consider a natural birth is because of her and her magic!  Everything she does is aimed to make your life easier. It’s honestly not just a massage, it really is an “experience”. I just can’t recommend her highly enough.        One area that needs addressing URGENTLY…only 1piece of chocolate?!? That’s cruel and very rude. What about the baby’s piece?” Morgana

speachmark-greyUltimate in relaxation. Sam’s massages are something really quite special. I’ve had a lot of massages over the years but these are unique in that they are both incredibly relaxing whilst also working the muscles that need it. Sam has a lovely, calm and reassuring presence and it’s so great to tap into her deep knowledge and understanding of birth (she is also a doula).” Frith

speachmark-greySam, I wanted to let you know what a huge support you where, and how much I appreciated your presence, and you gently, but persistently filling my mind with fantastic birth stories, both before and during the labour. Reminding me what was possible. And just knowing I could ask you for anything at any time was enormously reassuring. Both Peter and I were delighted you where there with us. All that had a big impact on the outcome, of which I am delighted with. I have a fantastic birth experience, which I’ll hold dear to my heart for the rest of my life.
Thank you for believing in me” Adrienne, 46 yrs old, birthed her second child Lola with no medication

speachmark-greyDear Sam, Colin and I would like to thank you immensely for your invaluable support during the labour & birth of our first child. Your massage techniques & labour knowledge helped to reduce the pain I felt & meant that I could go without drugs for the maximum time. This in turn led to the birth of a healthy, happy baby with an apgar score of 10!” Elizabeth, Mother of Alexanria

speachmark-greyI wanted you to know that I found it incredibly hard to feel positive about my pregnancy, having miscarried last February, until I came to Sam. My massage at 34 weeks with Sam didn’t just relax me, it also affirmed me in a way that meant that I was able to enjoy the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. Our daughter Maia was born at the end of January and she is thriving. Thank you for allowing me to feel positive.” Karen

speachmark-greyOnce again I am leaving feeling so much more relaxed and comfortable than when I arrived! Sam’s massages are sensational- perfect pressure, lovely setting and always some helpful advice. I can’t recommend them enough- I just wish I’d discovered them earlier. Thanks again.” Katie, 37 weeks

speachmark-greyLovely, lovely, lovely. Always enjoy the massages as Sam hits the exact spots!! Relaxing atmosphere which helps you relax straight away. I always leave very relaxed and satisfied. Thank you very much.” Melany, 39 weeks

speachmark-greyWhat a way to end the day. I feel so relaxed- all my tension has gone! If only I could have them more often. A definite must for any pregnant mum-to-be!!” Andrea, 38 weeks

speachmark-greySam creates a wonderful oasis for body and mind. This is the one place I can just ‘be’ in the middle of a busy life. I get to relax and relish the miracle of creating a little person to join our world. I truly appreciate the whole experience from start to finish. Thank you!” Roz, 30 weeks

speachmark-greyAbsolutely devine, thanks Sam. Much needed for a sleep deprived Mum, totally recommend it for post recovery after birth of baby for a well deserved break!” Pip, 3 weeks postnatal

speachmark-greyOMG.. what a lovely experience, I’m definitely coming back. Well worth the time and money. Sam is so great and easy to talk to… such peace and serenity here I could stay forever! Recommend to any mum-to-be!!!” Ashley, 27 weeks

speachmark-greyAbsolutely divine! Thanks so much Sam! Has definitely helped me cope with the aches and pains this pregnancy!” Hannah, 37 weeks

speachmark-greyMassage and whole exprience was wonderful and better than I imagined. Felt so relaxed and content. The best I have felt in weeks. Thanks!” Beth, 29 weeks

speachmark-greyPure bliss! Didn’t realise how achy I was, pregnancy massage could become addictive. Wish I had started this earlier on in my pregnancy. Thank you so much for making me feel so relaxed and at peace. Will definitely recommend to other pregnant mamas” Kim, 37 weeks

speachmark-greyTruely the most wonderful treat for any pregnant woman! Massages are never long enough and I’m sure it’s the most relaxing feeling throughout pregnancy. Tranquil, peaceful bliss. Thank you Sam” Della, 31 weeks

speachmark-greyThroughout both of my pregnancies I have delighted in coming to see Sam. Her advice, information, support and massages totally contributed to a better birthing experience. It is just so lovely to be able to take some time out and be completely nurtured by such a wonderful, caring ‘spirit’. Thanks so much Sam!” Rachel 36 weeks

speachmark-greyThank you for another wonderful massage. I always feel SO relaxed after a massage from Sam. You work wonders and I will look forward to my next” Jasmine, 30 weeks

speachmark-greyWow! Thank you – Just what the inner soul ordered. Cannot wait until next time!” Jacqueline, 26 weeks

speachmark-greyHeavenly!” Claire, 31 weeks

speachmark-greyMassage makes wonders! Thanks Sam! You are heaven sent. Thanks for all the tips and for your real concern. You are the best!” Anna

speachmark-greyI love the massage. Very relaxing and help for my back pain. Thank you for showing me the sleep position, it really help.” Elena, 36 weeks

speachmark-greyYou think of everything! Thank you- I haven’t felt so good in months” Leonie

speachmark-greyAbsolutely lovely, just what I needed!!! Thank you Sam for the great tips and relaxing/soothing session!! I will definitely be back!” Mary

speachmark-greyThank you Samantha- Amazing massage yet again! So relaxing, perfect touch and a beautiful, soothing experience. I look forward to the next one already” Vanessa, General Massage

speachmark-greyBest back massage I’ve ever had!! Great pressure all throughout and I love it when you went/dig deep into the muscles. Definitely back for more!! p.s. will recommend you to others. Thanks heaps for all your help” Zati

speachmark-greyBeautiful massage from a beautiful spirit. I’m a difficult person to try and relax but you did it. Even baby was enjoying it! Thank you for all that you are dooing. Feel great! Thank you Sam xxx” Samina, 37 weeks

speachmark-greyWow that was amazing! Thank you so much- was just what I needed with a new born (and toddler) at home. Feeling so relaxed, thanks.” Hayley

speachmark-greyJust what the doctor ordered- that was pure bliss! My husband is back in the good books for this wonderful gift. Thanks” Shanon

speachmark-greyOh, exactly what I needed! Baby boy definitely enjoyed it kicking away!! Thanks heaps Sam” Gina

speachmark-greyThat was just delightful, absolutely perfect! You’ll see me again soon” Melissa, 27 weeks

speachmark-greyAmazing, outstanding and very relaxing. Thanks very much, very huge, for an amazing experience. You rock!” Matilda

speachmark-greyThank you, Sam! I could quite happily have stayed all day, what an oasis of calm. Fabulous. Mmmmm” Jo, 38 weeks

speachmark-greyThe most peace and tranquility I’ve had in years!! Thanks so much 🙂 Don’t want to go home to my noisey house! Loved every minute.”Joanne

speachmark-grey>Not sure if I will see you again before bubs arrives so thank you so much for all the moments of bliss and complete relaxation during my pregnancy! I look forward to coming back for a treat after baby’s born.” Caroline

speachmark-greyI experienced extremely bad back pain and pubis symphysis dysfunction (pain in groin brought on by pregnancy) whilst pregnant and Samantha gave me several regular pregnancy massages which really helped to ease the pain I was experiencing. The massages were wonderful for my back and limbs which are often the areas to suffer when pregnant. Samantha was totally professional and knew exactly which positions were most comfortable and safe for a pregnant lady, always making me feel totally at ease with my ever expanding bump. I would recommend the ante natal massage as a great working massage for those of you who are pregnant and think it should be compulsory for all pregnant ladies to have them! Samantha was able to focus on particular areas that were troubling me during pregnancy and tailored it to suit me.” Dawn

speachmark-greyHi Sam, Just wanted to let you know that I have a 4 week old little boy called Chester. He is adorable!! I had the best ever birth – an unplanned home birth!! My waters broke at 1am at home then my contractions started really strongly immediately but I thought I was only in the first stage of labour so breathed through the contractions in my bed until 7am when we rang the midwife. She arrived at 7.30 am and prononounced me fully dilated and she could see the baby’s head. We didn’t have time to get to birthcare so he was born at 8.50am in our bed. Your advice was AMAZING and definitely helped me so much. I am recommending you to my sister who is 10 weeks pregnant. Thank you so much” Francesca

speachmark-greyThank you Sam, its people like yourself in the world that encourage and believe in nature and instinct that make a difference too. No blues. No tears except those of gratitude. x”Faye, Mother of Sidney 6 days old

speachmark-greyHi Sam, I just wanted to let you know that I slept through the whole night after my massage on Thursday!!!!!! First time in months and it was really needed. THANKYOUSOMUCH! Wishing you well. See you soon, Mairi X” Mairi, 27 weeks pregnant

speachmark-greyAmazing comfortable sleeping position recommended by Sam. Why didn’t I come earlier? Massage was beautiful and extremely relaxing.
Thanks x” Rachel, 39 weeks

speachmark-greyAfter the birth Sam was able to give me several post natal massages to help me relax, ease stiffness and concentrate on areas that were affected by the pregnancy such as my back and limbs. I found that my neck, shoulders and arms were now sore too thanks to hours of breastfeeding, and rocking my fractious baby to sleep. Once again Sam was able to tailor the massage to suit my personal needs and after one of Sam’s post natal massages I felt like a new woman. I would advise all women to use Samantha during pregnancy and after pregnancy as the body goes through such trauma that you are doing yourself and your unborn child a huge favour if you do. Samantha’s massages helped me through a difficult pregnancy and labour and I shall be eternally grateful to her.” Dawn