Postnatal Massage Somerset, Dorset, Devon

Magic New Muma Postnatal Massage Somerset

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are not currently offering a massage service due to the risks of spreading Covid-19 (your therapist’s husband is an intensive care nurse and so we have to assume we are always contagious). Sorry for the inconvenience). 

Once you have given birth to your bundle of joy, your body will be in need of a series of postnatal massage sessions with our specialists to help you get back into shape both emotionally and physically.


Having carried your pregnancy for 9 months, your body will have experienced many changes that don’t often go away over night. Your organs will need to re-adjust, you may find you suffer from constipation, your back and shoulders are likely to ache not only from pregnancy, but now from lifting and carrying a heavy baby for long periods. ‘Mum’s neck’; that aching you feel from twisting your neck cooing over the little one in your arms, the sleepless nights and tension and anxiety you are likely to be feeling as your life changes dramatically, are all part of the parcel of parenting a new born.

Your body is now your own, but it’s not the way it was nine months ago. Your whole life is now focused on looking after your newborn and everyone’s attention has gone from you to your baby.




Now is the time to give a little back to yourself after those nine months of pregnancy, hours of labour and from the sleep deprived nights. By spending time on yourself with our Postnatal Massage Specialists you can expect:

  • A listening ear
  • Relief from aches and pains, especially in your back, shoulders and neck
  • Assistance with your posture
  • Support for the functioning of your bodily systems
  • Balance your moods
  • Get your body flexible and relaxed
  • Increase your energy levels & relieve effects of sleep deprivation
  • Help prevent/ ease symptoms and causes of Post Natal Depression
  • Support and promote healing from a cesarean

Relaxing with a specialist postnatal massage will give you the safe time and space to be you and thus become a more relaxed and positive mother.


On The Table


We want you to be really comfortable during your massage. Having recently given birth your breasts and stomach may feel uncomfortable. For the first few weeks postnatal, we’ll have you lying on your side, just as we did for you during pregnancy. It’s much more comfortable, especially if you’re breastfeeding. It’s also the best position if you’d like your baby cuddled up next to you. When you’re ready to lie on your front, some of our therapists use the bodyCushion; a contoured set of cushions to keep you correctly aligned while lying on your front. Is your body naturally flat? Of course not. Then why should you expect comfort from a flat surface? Tests have proven that back muscles actually tighten up when lying facedown on a flat surface! The contoured design of the bodyCushion was created for maximum comfort and ultimate relaxation.


The Body Cushion is ideal for postnatal massage as it takes the pressure off your breasts and your belly. Even women who are recovering from caesareans are comfortable lying on their front.

Your Massage


This is your massage and we want you to enjoy it.

  • Talking through your massage is not encouraged (although you’re welcome to chat if you want to, but your silence will not be interrupted).
  • You can choose music or silence.
  • We offer you the pressure you enjoy; Super Firm, Firm, Medium or Light (or anywhere in between).
  • You will be required to inform me if the pressure is not to your comfort throughout the massage. We believe massage should be uninterrupted bliss so we trust you will tell us if we are hurting you or if you want harder pressure.
  • You’re welcome to choose where you would like your massage session to focus; just your back (neck down to glutes), back and head, back and arms, back and belly, back and legs or full body (with or without a belly rub)… or any mix of these. It’s your session, tailor made to you.

All our massages are for approximately 60 minutes with extra time for consultation and getting on and off the table. Expect to be in and out in 85 minutes.




Cancellation Policy

Time has been specifically reserved with your therapist for your massage treatment. Please give us at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will incur a fee of 50% of the treatment charge. Cancellations with less than four hours notice will incur a charge of 100% of the treatment charge. This is consideration of your therapists time and other clients who may be waiting for an appointment. Thank you.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Post Natal Depression there is positive help for you- visit