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Specialist Pregnancy Massage, Montrose, Aberdeen, Scotland 

Home Visit Service: Aberdeen, Dundee and Montrose 

pregnancy-postnatal-massage-gift-voucher-buy-onlineGet a fantastic pregnancy massage in your own home in the Aberdeen, Dundee and Montrose area. Laura will give you the most wonderful pregnancy massage, helping to ease your aches and pains. She is safely trained by our experienced managing director to use whatever pressure you like. Even if you like crazy sports firm (so long as it’s not painful to you), she’s safe to massage you. Laura will incorporate safe and effective techniques including deep tissue, stretches, sculpting, kneading and more, whilst also making sure you have a deeply relaxing experience (yes, it is possible to get a strong pregnancy massage and be relaxed, or even an effective gentle pregnancy massage using the techniques we have).

mumanu-pregnancy-massage-richmond-hotelLaura is trained so well by us, that unlike most other massage companies or beauty clinics, she is able to not only give you the pressure you want, but also to massage you even if you have pregnancy complications or are considered high risk. After a comprehensive consultation, Laura will tailor your pregnancy massage to your needs. Keeping up the high standards of Mumanu, you’ll leave feeling deeply relaxed and able to carry on enjoying your pregnancy. Whether you’re 0-43 weeks pregnant, Laura will be more than happy to massage you.

Normally when you go to beauty salons, spas or other pregnancy massage therapists, your appointment is for one hour, but that includes consultation, getting on the table, off the table and paying. With Mumanu, you get what you pay for; a one hour pregnancy massage. We then add time on for setting up and packing away, the consultation, loo breaks and sorting out payment and re-booking. Getting a Mumanu Pregnancy Massage will be an experience you’ll want to repeat again and again. Laura will be with you for approximately two hours for a massage at home in Montrose Dundee Aberdeen.

Mumanu pregnancy massages are safe to have every day if you want (although our therapists do value a day off here and there!). We recommend regular pregnancy massages (every 1-3 weeks) for getting the renowned benefits reported by the NHS. Read more >>>

Want regular pregnancy massages? We offer a great Mumanu Membership scheme.

Specialist Postnatal Massage in Montrose, Dundee Aberdeen, Scotland 

Every mum needs some time to relax and recharge her batteries. It takes a village to raise kids but these days most women are expected to be at home alone doing all the work. Whether you’re loving the experience, or not, most mums would agree that motherhood is the toughest job on earth. Let Laura give you a blissful postnatal massage, easing away your aches and pains and letting you feel like you’ve just had a whole night’s sleep. If you’re new to motherhood, she’ll be able to give you some helpful tips to make your life easier. We encourage parent’s to choose their own right way of doing things, but if you’re having trouble breastfeeding, baby keeps crying, or you’re getting aches and pains, we can offer some tips that may be of great help.

You’re welcome to cuddle up with your baby on the massage table in a side-lying position (like we do during pregnancy massage). It’s mega comfortable and babies love being close to you. We don’t rush appointments so there’s plenty of time to tend to your baby and have a great postnatal massage. We’re also safe to massage you from day one post birth and beyond.

Regular massages (at least once a month) will keep your sanity levels up, your stress levels low and your aches and pains at bay.

Not Pregnant or Postnatal?

No worries, at Mumanu we love giving massages. Laura is happy to massage you, your mum, your sister and your friends.

"Just back from a pregnancy massage with Laura, cannot recommend her enough. Laura took the time to find out exactly what I wanted and really made the massage worth while. Being 38 weeks pregnant I went in with usual aches and pains and left completely relaxed and pain free. Have had many massages over the years and can honestly say it was the best massage I've had. Highly recommend to anyone thinking of getting one."Jenna

"Laura was amazing through the whole session, she made me feel at ease and the massage was the best I've ever had. She also taught me some things about staying comfortable throughout my pregnancy and best positions to sleep in. Ended with a big glass of water and some chocolates. Will definitely come back as I get bigger!"Kirsty Eaton

"AMAZING massage! Despite me getting myself lost and turning up horrendously late, Laura took the time to find out about my background and pregnancy so far, and didn't rush me in any way. The massage itself was amazing, I can honestly say I've never felt THAT relaxed in a massage before - I'm just glad I needed to switch sides halfway through otherwise I may well have been snoring! 😀 Loved the whole experience, can't wait for my next one! :)"Kelly Bilsland

"What a lovely massage, I didnt want it to end! Laura makes you feel so relaxed, it wasn't rushed at all and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would recommend Laura to anyone, I will definitely be back for more pregnancy and postnatal massages in the future. Thank you Laura!"

Rachael Hay

"I received my first mumanu massage with Laura a few days ago, being 36 weeks pregnant and feeling rather uncomfortable I didn't know what to expect. However I left feeling 100% relaxed, and had the best sleep I've ever had the evening after! Suffering from pregnancy related carpal tunnel syndrome and PGP, I have been in pain through the majority of my pregnancy. However I left Laura feeling so much better! After explaining my problems and her taking the time to find out my individual needs she spent time on my problem areas, and I feel so much better! Best massage I have ever had and I can't wait for my next one in a couple of weeks. I will definitely be booking for a postnatal massage once my baby boy has arrived. Thank you so much Laura you are amazing! x"Bryony Tait

"Not long home after my massage with Laura. I'd never had a massage before so had no idea what to expect. I was so relaxed I thought I was going to fall asleep. I've come home gutted that Laura wasn't doing this when I was pregnant first time round. Can't wait to get booked in again for another one. Thank you so much 😘 "

Paige Whitelaw

Laura; Your Local Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage Specialist

Laura-Mumanu-Licensed-PregnancyMassageTherapistQualifying as a massage therapist in both Holistic and Deep Tissue, Laura really has found her life’s path. With amazing hands and a fun, kind and gentle personality, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed right away. Laura has a very full life, living in Montrose with her two hilarious wee boys and her husband Gregor. Having experienced a fast first birth and a water birth with her second, Laura has found a deep and lasting passion for pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Having completed the Mumanu Advanced Specialist Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage Training Programme, Laura offers Mumanu massage services at your house in Montrose Dundee and Aberdeen.

As a mother of two myself, I completely understand how important massage treatments for mums-to-be can be. I suffered from severe lower back pain when I was carrying my second child and there was nothing like this locally for me, had it been available I would have definitely used it. I often have pregnant woman asking me if I offer Pregnancy massages or if I can recommend someone to them but truth be told, there just isn’t that type of facility here. To be able to offer tried & trusted treatments to expectant mums is amazing, especially under a recognised name, Mumanu. Laura