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speachmark-greyHi Sam, I was just thinking I needed to email you and thank you for your advice. I adjusted the pillow and blew it up higher and since doing that I’ve had no back pain down my left side! It’s amazing! It used to hurt so bad that I could barely get up / walk. But that pain is gone! Thank you soooo much!  Just another quick question, I also bought the mumanu tummy support pillow. When should I start using it? I’m 28 weeks this week. Also as I’m sleeping on my side, how should my shoulders be positioned? I’m finding that I’m hunching my top shoulder over a little which makes my top part of my back uncomfortable. Any suggestions? Thanks again, Bec
Mumanu’s Response:
Hey Bec, That’s brilliant news!!!!Do use the belly pillow now. It’s useful from about 20 weeks. Hug a pillow to stop your shoulder and ribs from hurting and make sure your head pillow is the right height to keep your neck and head straight (not angled).Happy sleeping!!!

speachmark-greyHi Sam,
Just wanted to say a big thanks again for dropping me off another pillow, it’s amazing & I have had good nights sleep since, so feeling much more relaxed & refreshed each morning.
I have also told a fair few people about it and most are really excited about it that they want to try it after our baby arrives.
Also just wanted to let you know I went to see my friend this morning who is a chiropractor, she has been looking after me all pregnancy & wanted to know what I had done differently since last week as I was much more aligned than usual, she was so impressed when I told her, you may get a phone call from her at some stage, she has lots of pregnant clients & thinks they would benefit hugely from this, cool!!
Have a lovely Tuesday & I hope to be in touch again after baby is born.
Emma Heagerty

speachmark-greyI was using a body pillow and had watched a few videos including the mumanu videos on their website. I was propping everything up the way they suggested with additional pillows, but moving from one side to another was work. Using the mumanu pregnancy pillow was a much better solution because moving from one side to another in the middle of the night while half asleep was not easy. Now I can flip over with little to no trouble, I don’t wake up my husband, and I’m comfortable in seconds. Thank you so much for designing and making this pillow. It’s heavenly! Also I don’t have a mountain between me and my husband either while I’m sleeping!” Aimee Morgan

speachmark-greyThanks again for creating such a wonderful support for pregnancy. Being able to support my growing body so effectively has made a real difference to how comfortably I’m able to rest – and the remarkable reduction in night-time toilet trips was very much appreciated! The versatility of the pillow has been a real bonus – it’s excellent value just for comfy naps and a good night’s sleep, but we’ve used your suggestions to make it part of our practice for birthing positions as well and I’m sure it’s going to get lots of use after our little one arrives (I’ve already had to gently remind the other half that for the moment it’s still just for me )” Caroline

speachmark-greyHi Sam,
I am so glad I discovered the mumanu!! The first night with it was tough only because I had to find the right height that was comfortable, but every night after has been amazing! Of course as a pregnant woman I have to switch sides throughout the night, but now its easier to switch with lightweight mumanu pillow versus a regular bulky pillow. The best part is that the mumanu has eliminated my back and hip pain at night, which I truly have to thank you and the mumanu!! Thank you and I will be sure to refer others to buy the mumanu!
Kind Regards,

Yes, it came and I LOVE it. Total lifesaver and my new best friend. Your genius and I’m so grateful for your amazing pillow. The organic cover is so soft and is perfect for us because we have 3 dogs and they get everything dirty. Thank you again for the cover…that was very nice of you. I seriously don’t know how I would have gotten through another week without my sweet Mumanu! I wake up feeling well rested and perfectly aligned.” Thamy

speachmark-greyThe pillow has really helped me during pregnancy with hip and sacral pain, I got more sleep and had much less pain during the day……just wished I had known about it sooner.” Jodi

speachmark-greyHello there- I have had my pillow for two sleeps now aswell as the wedge, I am experiencing some ease of comfort however the whole of my lower leg still aches and feels very uncomfortable. The reason I purchased it was because of the lower leg pain. I really want my pillow to work and I want to love it- could u please give me any suggestions in how to ease the pressure in the lower leg? Is it to high or low? I’m 28 weks pregnant so need a few more descent sleeps… Paula Mumanu’s Reply: Hi Paula, sounds like you have it too low. Your leg should feel weightless when you have it at the right height. Have you checked out this video, you can see the angle your leg should make from here. Give me a shout if you need more help. Also, straighten your leg a little, so you’re not too tucked into foetal position… may help a bit. Paula: Hi thanks sooo much I just saw your posts now! Ill try this out tonight and let u know however I did actually pump it up last night to almost full- I’m quote tall and it was much better. Ill let I know… Mumanu: Hey Paula, how did it go with the tips? Are you still getting pains? Can I offer any more advice? Paula: Ok so I just had a nap- and presto! I’m in love with my pillow now I have it at the right height! Thanks sooo much for you help- I can now have good sleeps x

speachmark-greyHi, Thank you so much for making the Mamanu pillow. I used it during my pregnancy and was amazed how much better I slept after I started using it. It relieved me from my lower back for a pain free sleep. My husband couldn’t help but give it a try as well. It’s very cool (literally) to sleep on as he sleeps hot.
Thank you, Silmara and Aiden

speachmark-greyI have a fairly scrambled lower back due to multiple sports injuries over the years. While I do regular chiropractic and massage care, some mornings I would still wake up and not be able to move due to my lower back locking up due to being out of alignment. I got the pillow about 3 weeks ago. After taking a couple of nights getting used to a new sleeping position, my back has never felt better. I’ve actually woken up multiple days in a row pain free, which is something that hadn’t happened for at least the last 6 months. I would definitely recommend this pillow for anyone who wakes up with lower back pain – male or female. Christopher Grucza

speachmark-greyHi Sam,
Thanks, the last couple of nights have been much better! Re the knee pain – I seem to over-twist my knees (in the direction of the mattress), and when I realised I was doing this and made sure my knees were facing the [mumanu] pillow rather than the mattress they felt fine. Best thing is the intense pain I’d been getting in my SI joint has totally disappeared…such a relief! So great to be able to walk again (sort of anyway..I am now 40 weeks and 4 days so am not exactly gliding!)
Many thanks!

speachmark-greyWhat a fantastic pillow! It was so nice to know it was just right every time I used it, rather then having to adjust and readjust it every time. As for the actual help, even sleeping half the night using the Mumanu pillow worked wonders on my sore hips, knees and lower back. I highly recommend it!” Holly Dove

speachmark-greyI get terrible hip pain while sleeping if I sleep on my side and can’t sleep on my back! Conundrum! Someone loaned me their Mumanu with my frist pregnancy and I cannot believe the difference it made. I got MORE sleep and it was BETTER.” Sian Hannagan

speachmark-greyI have to say this is the best purchase ever!!! :o) Now I’ve got the height correctly sorted I have the most comfy and solid sleep, no getting up 5 times a night any more. Sam has been totally awesome to deal with and very patient showing me the correct alignment and way to best set up my pillow. Can’t wait to see her soon for a massage :o) ” Tash Lawrence

speachmark-greyGreat pillow for the fact that you can get it to the right height and thickness for under feet , legs etc. Will let you know after the birth but can see it will be good to feed too I am sure. Julie Ash

speachmark-greyFinished a day of moving some furniture and could feel my lower back starting to act up again – as it has a tendency to do after heavy lifting or other exercise. Samantha suggested to try the Mumanu Pillow at night while sleeping. I did. it was fun to go through the whole experience of watching the pillow inflate by itself, and with a little extra help from my lungs blowing it up to the perfect height. I could notice a clear difference the next day. And after using the pillow for two nights, the back pain was completely gone. So instead of getting worse the next morning (as I usually was the case) the pillow helped to clear the pain after only two nights. From past experience it could take up to 5 nights before there was any clear pain relieve and up to about a week before the back was back to normal… Thanks Samantha Thurlby-Brooks for your pillow! Helmut Waldhuber

speachmark-greyI suffer mild pelvic discomfort (after having four children) and was sleeping with pillows between my legs to ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep. Sam told me about her wonderful pillow and I tried it. It is so much better than the variety of cushions and I tend to use it most nights. I love the research that Sam has done with her pillow and I know that it is beneficial for a wide number of people – pregnant or not! Charlie Saunders

speachmark-greyI suffer with sever back pain since a skateboarding accident when I was much younger. I can’t sleep on my back at all so have always slept on my side. I used to be able to sleep with my top leg tucked up to my chest but now I am older (and less flexible) this isn’s possible, leading me to start twisting my back (and neck) during the night. After one night of using the pillow my lower back pain and neck pain has disappeared. It is so easy to move around during the night, stays nice and cool even when it is 30+ degrees and best of all I can take it with me when I go away. The benefits of the pillow extend far beyond using it only when you are pregnant, I would recommend it to anyone who wants a better nights sleep! Samantha Tivendale

speachmark-greyI suffer from back problems and have trouble getting comfortable at night. The Mumanu pillow is fantastic, it helps support me and take some of the pressure away from over twisting on my side. Its also been a great help to help with supporting my heavy little man whilst I feed him 🙂 Tracy Lind

speachmark-greyI wish I had bought this earlier in my pregnany – I am sleeping better, there is no need for the thousands of pillows I used to have around me and it is much easier to change position! Anna Lane

speachmark-greyI talked to my friend that I gave the pillow to yesterday, and said that she had been procra stinating getting it out of the box and trying it. But saturday night she decided to give it a go, and said she had the best night’s sleep she’s had in a very long time! Holly,New Zealand

speachmark-greyMy mother is currently using the pillow and thinks it is great! She is suffering from bad hip pain and the doctor is now talking of a hip replacement.When mum started using the pillow,it was the first nights sleep that she had relatively pain free in quite a while and actually woke up feeling refreshed,instead of tossing and turning and generally having an uncomfortable night sleep. Lydia,New Zealand

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speachmark-greyGetting my leg up high in bed has made such a difference! It’s unbelievable how it’s made my back ache disappear and halved my trips to the loo! If I have any advice to give a pregnant woman it’s to use the Mumanu® pillow as early as possible.Catriona

speachmark-greyI was having annoying hip pain with my pregnancy. Since using the Mumanu pillow, and the technique Sam taught me for using it, that pain has disappeared. I’m thrilled! Miriama

speachmark-greyThe Mumanu® pillow definitely alleviated pain and discomfort when sleeping and made it easier to get out of bed in the morning. It was nicer to use than a normal pillow as it was not as bulky width wise, easier to move side to side under the duvet, and it was cooler (pillows tend to warm up). I did not use it fully inflated as I preferred it to be more oval shaped- if it was too full and round I found I rolled onto it so was not supporting me properly upright. Once I let some air out to form the oval shape it was perfect. I would highly recommend to anyone suffering from lower back/sacral joint pain Donna Gustafson; used the pillow for 2 months, right up until her son was born

speachmark-greyAt first it felt too high compared to a regular pillow, but I soon forgot it was there as the positioning felt very natural, very comfortable for the whole time Vicky, 30 weeks pregnant

speachmark-greyI found the pillow nice and firm and didn’t roll about as you would expect a cylindrical pillow to do Ashleigh

speachmark-greyWas very comfortable, and surprising to realise how badly my lower back and hips were twisting while on my side and unsupported.” Karlie

speachmark-greyI always feel like I can’t get comfortable breastfeeding in bed because I feel like I’m trying to get close to my baby but without rolling on to him. The Mumanu® helped me to relax a lot more by supporting my weight and stopping me from twisting. Using it for sleeping the alignment in my hips felt much more comfortable and my buttocks could relax. I also found my digestion was much better when using the pillow! Cathy, Mother of Finlay

speachmark-greySlightly bouncy which was nice, easy to reposition leg without straining hip and pelvis. Melanie

speachmark-greyThe firmness of the pillow allowed for deep relaxation Jenny

speachmark-greyGood height. Sturdy yet comfortable Imogen

speachmark-greyHave been having discomfort and ‘numb hips’- think this would give me a good night sleep at last!! Anonymous

speachmark-greyGets more comfy the pregnanter I get! I’ve been sleeping like this every night and my hubby has started stealing the pillows because it’s so comfy! Simone, 35 weeks

speachmark-greyIt was super light and at a fantastic height to help support my lower back and feels more comfortable Penny

speachmark-greyFabulous! I wanted to get one as soon as I tried it! I like that it is inflatable and the height can be adjusted. Donna

speachmark-greyIt was very comfortable and a perfect height- I wish I’d known sooner in my pregnancy Marigold, 36 weeks pregnant

speachmark-greyAbsolutely brilliant!! Very comfortable, relieves back and hip aches. Vanessa