Bloomin’ Lovely Pregnancy Massage Gift Voucher

£95.00 inc. VAT

*** Mumanu is moving to Somerset in April 2020. All vouchers need to be used before we relocate. A confirmed date will be emailed to you when we have it ourselves (house buying is so unpredictable!) ***

From 0-43 weeks. We’re safe to massage from the start of pregnancy, so you’ll definitely be in the good books for this special gift. All pregnancies are welcome.

Please make sure when ordering your voucher that the recipient is within our catchment areas in London and Surrey

Please note, the price of the massage does not include parking. Where applicable parking fees will be charged at the appointment.

THIS IS A PHYSICAL GIFT VOUCHER AND WILL BE SENT BY ROYAL MAIL. If you need your voucher faster, please order a digital gift voucher


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We’re London and Surrey’s only specialist pregnancy massage service. Unlike other places, we’re safe to massage from the start of pregnancy, so you’ll definitely be in the good books for this pregnancy massage gift voucher. All pregnancies are welcome.

Our fabulous massages, with highly trained and experienced therapists, are tailored to each person; the pressure you choose and the areas you want, music or not, chatting or silence. All pregnancy massages are side-lying for maximum comfort (lying face down is actually not comfortable, even with a hole in the table, and puts too much pressure on the belly/baby as well as pulling the ligaments at the base of the spine). Read more >>

Terms and Conditions 
This voucher expires three months after purchase. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash. If you give birth before your voucher expires you can still redeem it for a massage. If you’re in labour or have given birth 48hrs prior and cannot make your appointment we will not charge you a cancellation fee. In this instance if your voucher expires within one week of the time you give birth we’ll add another two weeks on top. In the sad case of miscarriage your voucher will still be redeemable for a massage… because you’ll need nurturing more than ever.

"Amazing!!! I was a bit sceptical about the whole pregnancy massage as I've heard different stories from other places, but after visiting Mumanu, I felt amazing and so relaxed afterwards. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and have sore hips/back/shoulders. Sam was fantastic, gave me lots of advice to take home and I was well ready for a sleep once the massage was finished. I could have stayed there all day.I felt like a different person. Highly recommend."

Sharon Woolf

"Years ago I damaged my hips enough that only C-section was possible. Now the biggest reason I'm allowed to even consider a natural birth is because of Sam and her magic!  Everything she does is aimed to make your life easier. Its honestly not just a massage, it really is an “experience”. I just can't recommend her highly enough."


"The time you took each appointment to ask me how the pregnancy was going, offer helpful tips and address any of my concerns. It was heartfelt and honest, and frankly, better than my obstetrician! And the chocolate at the end!"


"Best pregnancy massager EVER. My husband bought me a gift certificate when I was pregnant with my first son.  It was one of the best presents he’s ever got me: Sam is such an amazing massage therapist.  I kept going back for more and have splurged and got gift certificates for friends and family who are pregnant ever since.  Even though I normally wouldn’t spent that much on them, I wanted them to get the experience of feeling so relaxed and good! Not only does Sam do an amazing job massaging you, she’s also an excellent listener and genuinely cares for your whole wellbeing.” 


"I was very anxious at the beginning of this pregnancy having experienced previous miscarriages. Regular massages with Sam have helped make me feel relaxed, calm and peaceful. Thank you” 

Libby, 38 weeks

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