Let Go – Guided Meditation – Guided Visualisation Download


Let go of your stress, tension and worries with this beautiful guided meditation visualisation. Picture yourself at the beach and let us guide you to let go, relax and unwind. Allow your imagination to take over and enjoy a journey that will leave you feeling refreshed and calm.

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A beautiful guided meditation to help you relax and unwind; Find yourself on a beautiful beach, imagining the the waves, the sand beneath your feet and a gentle breeze on your face. Allow your mind to let go of your stresses, worries and tension.

Using sounds and music I shall guide you along, every step of the way, giving you the opportunity to let go and relax. If you find meditation difficult, you find it stressful to think of nothing, then you need not worry. Guided visualisations and guided meditations allow you to focus on the voice and music to achieve deep relaxation.

You may find that you fall asleep. Don’t worry, at the end of the guided meditation I shall bring you back, awake, refreshed and calm.

This guided meditation visualisation is ideal for home use or during Reiki or bodywork sessions. Lasting 50 minutes, it’s perfect for your professional treatment timing.

Track 1: Introduction 0:27

Track 2: Let Go – Guided Meditation 48:54

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