Mumanu Specialist Pregnancy Massage Course

The UK’s Most Comprehensive Pregnancy Massage Course

Study with me at Mumanu to become a specialist in pregnancy massage; a truly wonderful form of massage, making a huge difference in someone’s life and a deep sense of work satisfaction. I offer a bespoke specialist pregnancy massage course for awesome spas, beauticians and massage therapists to provide a five star pregnancy massage service. Becoming a Mumanu specialist in pregnancy and postnatal massage will give you and your business the confidence and support you need to work with women during this special and stressful time.

Most spas, beauticians and massage therapists offering pregnancy massage do so with a sense of fear and unease, worrying they will damage a woman’s pregnancy. Usually these pregnancy massages involve light pressure and uncomfortable positioning which results in most clients feeling dissatisfied and frustrated. Pregnant women may be offered a facial instead, putting them in a dangerous position on the treatment table and making them feel ill. Pregnant women like to share their experiences with other expectant mums and so will either recommend or warn against using a service.

I had been looking for an extensive Pregnancy and Postnatal massage training for a long time. However, all I could find was 1- or 2-day training, which I knew would not be enough. Thus, I was very happy to find Mumanu Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatal Massage Training.” Indre

At Mumanu a large proportion of my clients come through word of mouth.  I have a high repeat client rate and 100% five star reviews. The key to my success? I’m safe and effective to treat women comfortably and with the pressure they want (from light to very firm), as well as offering the highest quality customer service, knowledge and care.

I would like to offer you the chance to become an advanced specialists in pregnancy massage; to offer a world class service where clients rave about their experience, recommend you to all their friends and come back wanting more. I offer three levels of training each lasting three days to help your therapists become confident and knowledgeable to treat pregnant women. Short sessions are also available for receptionists on how to sell pregnancy massages as well as specialist aspects of customer service.

Pregnancy Massage Course UK

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“In the Mumanu Training not only did we got an amazing Pregnancy and Postnatal massage routines, but also were provided with a huge amount of information about pregnancy, labour and postnatal period. We also had to do some home reading and we also had a theory and practical exams in the last day of our training. This, in my opinion, really helped to delve deeply into the subject and to feel really confident at the end of the training.” Indre

Benefits of training through us:

  • Receive the most in-depth specialist pregnancy massage course and training in the UK
  • Have confident pregnancy massage therapists who love their work
  • Be seen as credible specialists by aligning with the most respected maternity massage brand in the country
  • Have Mumanu sell pregnancy massage gift vouchers on your behalf
  • Get listed on the Mumanu website
  • Receive ongoing support from Mumanu founder, Samantha Thurlby-Brooks
  • Further training and related qualifications will become available over time

The Mumanu Pregnancy Massage Course involves three levels which  include the careful examination of practical, theoretical and psychological skills and knowledge of working with and massaging pregnant women. Emphasis is placed on safe and effective massage techniques, correct positioning and thorough consultation. Therapists who have completed the first two levels will be safe to massage from 0-43 weeks including high risk and complicated pregnancies using safe and effective advanced techniques for pain relief.

“I have been working as a Pregnancy and Postnatal massage therapist for almost a year now and my rebooking rate is 52 %. I am quite sure that the majority of the clients are rebooking not only because of the massage itself, which really helps to remove their aches and pains and relax, but also because of the knowledge and tips for pregnancy, labour and postnatal period I share with them. All this knowledge came from the extensive Mumanu Training I had. For this reason I highly recommend Mumanu Pregnancy, Labour and Postnatal Massage Training to anyone who wants to learn how to really help women feel better during such an amazing period of their life.” Indre

It’s important to keep up with marketing to pregnant and postnatal women as the client base is constantly refreshing. We’ve worked really hard on creating a fantastic brand and website that attracts hundreds of clients from far and wide. They know they are getting a high quality service like no other. More than 55% of our clients come to us through Google (non-paid) listing. A further 20% come through client referrals. Being part of the Mumanu brand will give you a piece of the pie without any technical effort on your part. I average a 60% client retention rate.

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Mumanu founder and tutor, Samantha Thurlby-Brooks, has been an advanced specialist in pregnancy, labour & postnatal massage since 2005. In that time she’s massaged over 4,000 pregnant women. She’s also one of very few people in Europe qualified to teach BirthWorks International Childbirth Classes. Returning to the UK in 2014, after spending many years in New Zealand, Samantha has built up an incredibly busy practice. In just two years she became fully booked (10-13 clients a week) for up to four weeks in advance. Being busy with running the Mumanu office and products limits her available massage time. By training others around the country, Samantha can spend less time massaging and more time helping you get busy and thus giving more pregnant women the comfort and relaxation they deserve.