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Celebrate and honour yourself with Mumanu’s Bloomin’ Lovely Pregnancy Massage. Pregnancy is a time of wonder, exhaustion, aches and pains, joy, excitement, fear and everything in between. At Mumanu, we’re passionate about pregnancy, birth and new motherhood. We want to help you have the most empowering, relaxed and comfortable experience during this time.

Luxury pregnancy massage experience


We offer the highest quality pregnancy massage for all pregnant women, whether you’re considered high risk or not, from 0-43 weeks (if you get that far along). We won’t rush your pregnancy massage appointment because we know how important it is to you and want you to feel calm and cared for. We give you time to talk so we can tailor your massage to your needs and address your concerns. This way you can relax more deeply during your massage.

You’re welcome to have the whole pregnancy massage just focusing on your back, or you can have a full body massage (with or without belly), or any variation in between. We’ll ask you on the day what you would like.

A unique service


We don’t normally talk during your pregnancy massage because this is your time to relax. You’re welcome to chat if you want to but we won’t interrupt your silence. We massage you at the pressure you want; we’re safe to give you very strong pressure if that’s what you prefer (but we use light to medium pressure on your pregnant belly). We’ll find out about the pressure beforehand and ask you to tell us if it needs changing; that way we don’t have to keep asking during your pregnancy massage.

Before we start your pregnancy massage, on your first appointment, we’ll show you how to get super comfortable in bed. Our technique is rarely taught to pregnant women so I’m sure we’ll have information that you’ll be thankful for.

We incorporate various techniques in our pregnancy massages; relaxation, deep tissue, pulsing, stretches, osteopathic techniques (but not adjustments), Swedish strokes and more. We give a truly holistic, relaxing and therapeutic experience no matter what pressure you ask for.

We come highly recommended …


obstetric-endorsementRead the reference regarding Mumanu pregnancy massage specialist & Managing Director, Samantha, from Dr Jo James

speachmark-greySamantha’s massages are amazing! The best I’ve ever had. She made the last few weeks of my pregnancy so much more comfortable and relaxing. Being so generous with her time and knowledge was priceless.” Charlotte Riley, Actress and wife of actor Tom Hardy

Not all pregnancy massage therapists are the same


There are many pregnancy massage courses around the UK that allow massage therapists to be qualified in just one day, sometimes two days. From our experience, you just don’t learn enough in that time. Most therapists will offer a light massage in an uncomfortable position (either face down, sitting or on your side with a pillow between your legs making you rock around and feel unsupported). These short courses do not allow therapists a full understanding of pregnancy physiology and so they won’t massage high risk or complicated pregnancies.

Lots of our clients have been to other people first and discovered that appointments are kept to the one hour limit (including consultation, getting undressed/dressed) and received a massage that didn’t quite feel like they got their money’s worth.

Mumanu pregnancy massage therapists have received the most extensive training available, not just in massage skills, but also in knowledge, scientific research and life hacks. We make sure we really are great at what we do so you can relax and have the best experience.


Not just a massage


speachmark-greyIt’s an EXPERIENCE not an appointment. What started at 20wks, as a greedy little “treat” for myself, quickly became a necessity!! I’ve had massages regularly for years and it’s made me a bit of a “massage-snob”. In saying that, Sam’s massages are, without a doubt, the very best I’ve have ever had.    Sam’s made a quiet “haven” for pregnant women to come and recharge. From the way Sam is so open with her amazing range of knowledge and insight, all the way to the table (and “that” pillow) that you WILL fall asleep on. It’s a place where you feel truly cared about, as a person, not just an incubator. From day one she’s never belittled or dismissed any concerns or worries that I’ve had, no matter how small or foolish they obviously were!   Years ago I damaged my hips enough that only C-section was possible. Now the biggest reason I’m allowed to even consider a natural birth is because of her and her magic!  Everything she does is aimed to make your life easier. It’s honestly not just a massage, it really is an “experience”. I just can’t recommend her highly enough.”         Morgana (birthed her baby naturally; without drugs or assistance and then again with her second baby) Read more reviews >>

Induction massage


We get asked regularly to help induce birth through massage at the end of pregnancy. There are a couple of reasons why we don’t offer this as a specific thing. If it were that easy to get labour started we would be exceptionally rich and there would be no need for medical inductions or abortions. Secondly, if we did acupressure points during your massage, that’s all you would get. There are ten acupressure points generally used for inducing labour. Each of them need to be pressed for 2-3 minutes, some every two hours and some twice a day. That’s a lot of time just pressing points!

The best induction is relaxation, optimal positioning of your unborn baby (here’s an article and video we made about that) and patience. If you’re keen to do acupressure at home there’s a fantastic booklet you can download for free. We find it best to use your pregnancy massage appointment educating you about getting baby into a great position, building your confidence and relaxing you deeply to help your hormones rise enough for labour to start naturally.

What are the benefits of Mumanu pregnancy massage?


We specialise in lower back and hip pains as well as general pregnancy discomforts such as oedema, neck and shoulder tension, headaches and leg cramps. Our pregnancy massage specialists have a wealth of knowledge, understanding and support to share with you, making your experience with us a truly unique, enriching and relaxing one. Scientific research repeatedly shows the benefits of pregnancy massage. We’ve seen these benefits time and again with our clients. Regular Mumanu pregnancy massages (every 1-3 weeks) will help you:

  • Decrease depression & anxiety
  • Decrease leg pain and back pains
  • Decrease stress hormones resulting in a calmer mum and baby
  • Less likely to birth prematurely
  • Less likely to suffer postnatal depression
  • Improved blood flow
  • Improved lymph circulation reducing oedema

speachmark-greyStudies done in the past 10 years have shown that hormone levels associated with relaxation and stress are significantly altered, leading to mood regulation and improved cardiovascular health, when massage therapy was introduced to women’s prenatal care. In women who received bi-weekly massages for only five weeks, hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol (“stress hormones”) were reduced and dopamine and serotonin levels were increased (low levels of these hormones are associated with depression). These changes in hormone levels also led to fewer complications during birth and fewer instances of new born complications, such as low birth weight. The evidence points strongly to maternal and new born health benefits when therapeutic massage is incorporated into regular prenatal care.” American

Your treatment plan


A one off massage is a lovely treat but the effects wear off after a few weeks (or sooner if you have a demanding job). Having regular pregnancy massages throughout your pregnancy and beyond will give you longer lasting benefits.

A massage once a week for four to six weeks will build up a good amount of relaxation hormones. You can then go for longer gaps between massages before stress builds up. Dropping down to every other week and then every three weeks is ideal. Our regular clients say they start to feel stress creeping up after three weeks.

speachmark-greyAmazing!!! I was a bit sceptical about the whole pregnancy massage as I’ve heard different stories from other places, but after visiting Mumanu, I felt amazing and so relaxed afterwards. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and have sore hips/back/shoulders. Sam was fantastic, gave me lots of advice to take home and I was well ready for a sleep once the massage was finished. I could have stayed there all day. I felt like a different person. Highly recommend.” Sharon Read more reviews >>

All our massages are for 60 minutes with extra time for consultation and getting on and off the table. You’ll be with us for approximately 85 minutes.


Time has been specifically reserved with your therapist for your pregnancy massage treatment. Please give us at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will incur a fee of 50% of the treatment charge. Cancellations with less than four hours notice will incur a charge of 100% of the treatment charge. This is in consideration of your therapists time and other clients who may be waiting for an appointment. If you are in labour or have given birth within the last 48 hours we will not charge you a fee. Thank you.


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