Mumanu Video Collection; Natural Pain Relief for Back Pain & Hip Pain

The Mumanu pregnancy pillow helps relieve lower back and hip pain quickly and easily. Spending hours in bed in one position is hard on the body and when you’ re not supported properly your joints twist and your muscles strain. The Mumanu pregnancy pillow keeps you correctly aligned so your body can relax, repair and feel refreshed the next morning.

Most pregnant women find they have sore hips in the morning, making it painful to take those first few steps. For some, walking can be painful all day.

Lower back pain is one of the most common pregnancy complaints. It doesn’t just affect your body, but also affects your moods. At a time when you don’t want to be taking drugs, the Mumanu pregnancy pillow gives you the best solution to relieving pain, allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy like nature intended.

Far more comfortable than a pillow between the knees, the Mumanu pregnancy pillow keeps your hip, knee and foot at the same height to prevent you from twisting.  Find out more ways to use your Mumanu pregnancy pillow

Because the Mumanu is inflatable, you can trust it won’t sag through the night; giving you correct support until morning.

The Mumanu Pillow is fabulous for anyone wanting a comfortable night’s sleep. Lower back pain is experienced by 8/10 people at some point in their lives. In the USA alone US$7.4 billion is spent each year on health care to treat back pain.

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